We love making tails wag and folks smile!

Dogs, puppies, young or old...

Bring them to Golden Paw Salon & Spa!

Servicing Sanibel, Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach and Captiva!


Call Us at (239) 415-7297

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Pictures are Worth 1,000 Words!

We can talk all we want about what we do, but it's our clients who speak for us, bring referrals, great ideas and new things to do!

So here's some pictures of our shop with products we've added, things we've done...thanks to you!

The products we provide are all of natural ingredients, our treats home made...check out the next page!

Our newest area is for BIG dogs and we're very proud of what we've made available for the 'bigger' guys! 

This is all new and our groomers are great!

You've seen our 'Play Zone' but here are more pictures to show you what goes on...because for us...it's all about your pet's happiness, and your satisfaction!